Dr. Allan MacKay
M.D., P.C.
Dr. Allan Mackay

DR. ALLAN MACKAY provides professional, individualized pain management services for patients in Bloomington and the surrounding communities. He utilizes a conservative, non-surgical treatment program with an emphasis on injection therapy in addressing pain throughout the body. Procedures are performed using fluoroscopy/X-ray in our office therefore eliminating costly hospital and facility fees. The savings are significant and even patients out of network will find their out of pocket cost to be noticeably less than if they had the same procedure done at a hospital or surgery center.

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DR. MACKAY obtained his medical degree from The University of Louisville in 2006 and is a member of the Indiana Medical Association . He remains current by utilizing cutting edge technology and medications for treatment of chronic pain through rigorous seminars and continuing educational resources.

DR. MACKAY and his team are dedicated to the individualized treatment options for patients experiencing chronic pain. Every patient can expect superior care and attention to detail from all members of his team, with respect and dignity being our foremost obligation. Patients may also expect an immediate plan of care including an injection of their pain generators; thereby, reducing pain on their first visit without having to wait weeks for their injections as is normal practice in a hospital or surgery center.